When you’re in sync, that’s when the good stuff happens.

Dopel casts the net way beyond your usual social media circle to find people more like you. Celebrities, somebodies, fabulous nobodies - from all over the world. Your dopels become your human search engine, sharing more of the things you love. It’s amazing how many more likes you get from like minds.

By putting your world in sync, Dopel feeds the real you.

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Find your people.

Dopel | noun | A person with similar interests and tastes to you.

Find your dopels just by being yourself and using Dopel in a way that’s natural for you (it helps if you rate though). The more you use your app, the better we get to know you which means stronger dopel correlations for you.

Send posts to dopels or even become friends. Some people will at some point match with our celebrity partners and that’s perfectly normal too.

Dopels update often so you will always find new people to connect with.

Discover beautiful things.

Explore the trending feed for popular posts from our partners or check out your people feed to see posts from your friends, dopels and people you are following.

Filters from fashion photographers.

Use photo filters from the world’s best fashion photographers including photographers for Vogue.

There are 25 fashion photographer filters and 10 Dopel filters to try. All your filters are free to use!

Get discovered by fashion photographers!

If you use a filter designed by a fashion photographer, you can choose to send a copy of the post to the photographer.