For partners, defined as people or organisations with over 200 000 followers on Dopel or to bring to Dopel, our application allows you to make money from advertising that is displayed on your feeds. Better than that we give you 24 hours to accept or decline any advertiser on your feed which gives you much more power over your brand associations.

For partners who join and are active on Dopel before 1 October 2019 we thank you for taking a chance on us by making you more likely to “trend” and go viral on our platform. Your special powers with us will last forever as long as you post to us each week.

The way it works is we share all revenue from advertising on your feed with you 50/50. Anything above $10 per month is paid to you within 30 days of our receipt of payment from the client.

If you are introduced to us by an agent or an introducer we will pay them from our share of the advertising revenue (they receive 10% of our share paid on the same terms for as long as you remain with us). Moreover anyone can be an introducer for us at anytime, just contact to start the process to become an introducer.

We pay via Paypal to your email or directly to your account if you prefer and make statements available online allowing you to see what advertising revenue has been derived from your feed.

You are not paid on mixed feeds for users where posts from you are included in with recommendations from us or posts from other people. You are always paid when a user taps on any advertising posted on your individual feed. So buying products or services from brands you associate with on Dopel is a great way for your followers to show you the love and show you the money.

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