Safety & Security

Protecting Personal Information

Here are a few tips to help keep your account secure:

  • - Use a strong password; use a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols
  • - Never give out your username and password

Dopel will never contact you asking for your password.

We will never ask you to download an attachment or install any applications from an email that claims to be us.

Abuse and Offensive Content

Block Followers
If you continue to receive unwanted, targeted comments on your Dopel posts from a follower, it is recommended that you block this user. To block a follower go to your Account and then tap on Followers. Then swipe left on the user you would like to block, until you see the red 'Block Follower' message and let go of your swipe. This should block your follower and an 'unblock' button will appear in the case you would like to unlock the user.

Report Offensive Content
We remove posts that do not follow Dopel Terms (e.g. nudity, graphic violence, spam). If you come across content that is offensive please report the post.

To report, tap on the more icon from an opened post (tapping on the post opens it), and then tap 'Report post' .